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Altium is pleased to offer free weekly webinars that cover basic and advanced challenges that designers and PCB engineers face. These webinars are short and focused live webinars that provide instruction with value and insight on the typical design and layout related topics, ranging from simple to technically complex solutions incorporating best practices.
These, up to 1-hour webinars will include live instruction, Q&A, and practical demonstrations.

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Get Started with Altium 365 >> Click Here To Register
Dec 8, 2021
13:00 AEDT / 15:00 NZDT
Altium Designer users with (or wanting to use) Altium 365

For those who have recently, or thinking about downloading Altium 365, We are excited to get you up and running! We strongly recommend all customers attend one of our onboarding sessions. The Altium Product team will help you get started. Reserve your spot now!

How to Overcome PCB Component Availability Problems >> Click Here To Register
Dec 9, 2021
14:00 AEDT / 16:00 NZDT
Both Users and Non Users of Altium Designer

Supply shortages have become and continue to be a common problem, especially when it comes to the world of electronics. It's hard to get all the different components for our boards. Heck! It's even tough to get the board themselves too! When electronic components become obsolete or out of stock, design and production can suffer lengthy delays. With current supply chain delays and with an average of 15 end-of-life notices issued every day, obtaining the parts you need is a challenge.

How Altium Designer can help you avoid stock, cost, and lifecycle surprises >> Click Here To Register
Dec 16, 2021
14:00 AEDT / 16:00 NZDT
Both Users and Non Users of Altium Designer

Designing is stressful enough unfortunately we now also have to worry about components constantly being out of stock or obsolete. Supplies and prices seem to change overnight and it's hard to keep up, but there is something you can do. Altium Designer’s ActiveBOM capability includes customizable BOM checks and integrates with IHS MarkitⓇ to bring designers the most up-to-date component information. Check the status and verify all the components in your BOM before the design is sent to be manufactured. Setup part alternatives in case of last minute changes to availability or cost. Having insight into your supply chain gives you an advantage over the competition, and allows you to minimize risk.

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