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Weekly Webinars

Altium is pleased to offer free weekly webinars that cover basic and advanced challenges that designers and PCB engineers face. These webinars are short and focused live webinars that provide instruction with value and insight on the typical design and layout related topics, ranging from simple to technically complex solutions incorporating best practices.

These, up to 1-hour webinars will include live instruction, Q&A, and practical demonstrations.

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Webinar Schedule

Get Started with Altium 365
April 20th
11:00 AM PDT
Altium Designer users with
(or wanting to use) Altium 365

For those who have recently, or thinking about downloading Altium 365, we are excited to get you up and running! We strongly recommend all customers attend one of our onboarding sessions. The Altium Product team will help you get started. Reserve your spot now!

Three Methods For Building MCAD Ready Components
April 15th
10:00 AM PDT
Users of Altium Designer

One of the most difficult and frustrating things to arise when traveling to a foreign country is the language barrier. Communicating a simple greeting can sometimes seem like a big hassle. The same thing is true for different CAD tools. When your tools aren’t speaking the same language, you’re going to run into problems. Bridge this gap by building out your component libraries with everything it takes to truly define a component, including 3D models that seamlessly propagate into the PCB editor and beyond.

How to Guarantee PCB Fitment to Your Enclosure
April 22nd
10:00 AM PDT
Users of Altium Designer

PCB designs seldomly exist on their own; an enclosure usually accompanies them. Even in today’s MCAD-integrated tool landscape, many designers ensure proper fitment of an enclosure and their PCB using a basic, outdated approach consisting of simple file exchanges. Altium Designer uses a modern 3D rendering engine that allows users to directly bring their enclosures into their PCB workspace. Check for proper fitment between the board and enclosure as well as the components and enclosure.

ECAD MCAD Collaboration for Improved Product Development
April 29th
10:00 AM PDT
Users of Altium Designer

Working between the Electronic and Mechanical design domains brings unique challenges. ECAD and MCAD tools have different design objectives and have evolved down different paths, and so has the way they store and manage their design and project data. Today's designs of small and complex product enclosures that house multiple, irregular-shaped printed circuit boards (PCB), demand that this challenge be solved . To successfully design these products, the designers must fluidly pass design changes back and forth between the ECAD and MCAD domains beyond outdated file exchanges.

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