Altium Data Re-Hosting Program

With the launch of Altium 365, our customers can take advantage of the benefits of the self-managed products combined with the ease of use and flexibility of the cloud platform.

We encourage all of our Altium Concord Pro and Altium Vault customers to consider switching to
Altium 365.

Here's why:

  • It’s free. We do not charge any additional fees for switching from on-premise to the cloud
  • It’s easy. We will just do it for you. That’s right, if you decide to move to the cloud, a dedicated engineering team will re-host your self-managed instance to the cloud*.
  • It’s the latest technology. Altium 365 is the latest and greatest Altium has to offer in component and data management, by moving to Altium 365 you will benefit from the rapid pace of innovation for years to come.
  • It’s cost-effective. We have different pricing models for self-hosted and cloud solutions, moving your organization to Altium 365 will likely reduce your costs**

“We supplied a backup of the database, over 10 years worth of projects .... I was a bit nervous secretly because we had to rebuild our Vault before, so in the back of my mind I am expecting to hear some bad news ... but instead in a few days they told us: "It's live, go check it out", we were able to turn it on for the entire company that same evening and we haven't had any problems since. It's amazing that it just turned on and it works seamlessly. There were even improvements, we had some quirky behavior on our on-premise version that just disappeared on Altium 365.”

Jeremie Waller, Sr. Electrical Engineer at Quantel Laser

* ”Re-hosting” means that we will take your self-managed data as is and move it to Altium 365, we will not clean or modify the data in the process.

** Costs depend on your specific use case, please reach out to your account team to discuss the details.

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