Get Started with Altium 365
We are excited to get you up and running with Altium 365! Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Register for an onboarding session with the Altium Product team

We strongly recommend all customers attend one of our onboarding sessions. Each session runs for one hour. During the session, we will cover the following:
  • Overview of the Altium 365 Workspace showing the latest features;
  • How to create and set up your own Workspace, and connect it to Altium Designer;
  • An entire walkthrough of a PCB project showing how to use Altium 365, including:
    • Starting a new PCB project using an Altium 365 Stored Project Template
    • Sharing the project with a colleague
    • Placing components from the Altium 365 library
    • Acquiring components from the Manufacturer Part Search
    • Showing how a colleague can make comments in the design
    • How to create a new component in Altium 365
    • How to migrate an entire library into Altium 365
    • How to create and upload Output Job Files into Altium 365
    • Version control and project history
    • Send out manufacturing files to a fabricator using Altium 365
2. Activate your Altium 365 workspace

If you haven't already, follow this link to activate Altium 365 workspace for your organization. 

3. Check out additional resources

In the meantime, check out documentation on Altium 365 and Altium 365 Getting Started User Guide.