Collaboration/Design Review

PCB design … it’s a team sport. In recent years, team collaboration and leveraging has established a newfound importance in what seems to be a dwindling available talent pool. As a result, product designs are becoming more complex, which leads to previously unseen challenges. Critical steps, both internal and external, ensure the success of PCBs. As a result, the workload is becoming heavier, and it's easy to miss something that could likely result in financial loss and delayed time to market. Communication during the entire PCB design process has never been more critical.

You may be wondering exactly how you can do that. How can you successfully capture all the conversations and details about a particular design?

The saying goes, if you have three hours to chop down a tree, you should spend the first two hours sharpening your axe. This is the webinar and the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. To sharpen your axe and learn how to leverage the Altium 365 platform so that you can take your team to a new level with your next PCB design.

During this special webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Develop a team that identifies and deals with design challenges
  • Securely share a design with your team
  • Manage your PCB design projects in Altium 365 by assigning tasks to specific individuals
  • Develop new communication methods from start to finish with the Altium 365 commenting platform
  • Document and deal with issues
  • Successfully collaborate on a project and get it right the first time
  • Develop reliable and cohesive designs using a built-in version control system to compare saved schematics, PCBs, or BOMs at any time
  • Conduct successful design reviews with thorough reporting methods of all issues and their status
  • Involve your fabricators and assemblers to simplify the design process
  • Leverage Altium 365 to initiate new procedures that allow you to work smarter rather than harder
  • Work from anywhere and connect with anyone