On-Demand Webinar
Simplify Your Workflows: Altium 365 Cloud PLM Integration with Duro®
Watch to discover how Altium 365 Cloud PLM Integration with Duro® can optimize your electronics product development processes. Discover the connection between Altium 365 and a leading Cloud PLM system, designed to automate data flow, eliminate manual input, and minimize errors that lead to costly rework.
We’ll show how Altium 365 Cloud PLM Integration with Duro® automates data flow and creates a single source of truth for all project data within the PLM system. This centralized repository fosters a collaborative environment where design, supply chain, and manufacturing teams have instant access to the latest information, enhancing project visibility and control.

Why Attend

Create a single source of truth within the PLM system, enhancing collaboration across design, supply chain, and manufacturing teams.
See how this integration provides immediate access to the latest project data, improving visibility and control over your projects.
Understand how minimizing manual data entry and its associated errors leads to smoother project flows and reduced rework.
Explore how fostering a collaborative environment bridges the gaps across product development teams.
Discover how Altium 365 integration with Duro® automates data exchange, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

About Duro

Duro provides cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions tailored for hardware development, enabling engineering teams to focus on innovation rather than data management. Their platform supports industries such as aerospace, consumer electronics, health and wellness, industrial automation, and computer infrastructure​. Duro emphasizes an agile approach to hardware development, borrowing principles from software development to create a more integrated and flexible workflow for hardware engineers.
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