MCAD CoDesigner - Tips & Tricks and Best Practices
Watch the recording of this Altium MCAD CoDesigner webinar, where we address the fundamental challenges many users encounter while working with PCB design and mechanical collaboration.

Do you need help finding the ideal starting point for creating a new PCB? Confused about the dos and don'ts of altering board shapes within MCAD? Worried about inadvertently disrupting MCAD dimensions and constraints?

This webinar is tailored to you.

Our expert will guide you through essential topics to enhance your understanding:

Initiating PCB Design

Learn where and how to begin your PCB creation journey, ensuring a solid foundation for your project.

Mastering Board Shape Modifications

Gain insights into the correct methodologies for modifying board shapes within MCAD, preventing common pitfalls.

Safeguarding MCAD Dimensions and Constraints

Discover strategies to maintain MCAD integrity while making design changes, fostering a seamless collaboration between electronics and mechanics.

Decoding PCB Origins

Uncover the significance of PCB origins and their role in design accuracy and alignment.

Resolving "Broken Component Model" Challenges

Acquire problem-solving skills to overcome the notorious "Broken Component Model" issue, enhancing your design consistency.

Navigating Multiboard Assembly Sync

Learn the efficient workflow for managing multi-board assemblies while synchronizing your design process.