How to Build a Champion BattleBot to Destroy the Competition
Dive into the thrilling world of BattleBots®. Ribbot is a top-4 World Champion in the heavyweight combat class that was developed by a talented team of engineers.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to get behind the scenes with the Ribbot team and learn how they started working on three pound robots with off the shelf components. They then decided to go all in on their 250 pound Ribbot and developed many custom components to maximize it’s destructive power. Last season, Ribbot had the highest voltage weapon system in BattleBots history, reaching 252 volts when fully charged!

Join us for this exclusive webinar where the team will:

  • Share their initial concepts, testing approaches, and the failures that ultimately led to Ribbot's success
  • Delve into their optimized design process, which enabled them to collaborate asynchronously, fail fast, and build a stronger robot in a limited about of time
  • Demonstrate how pairing Altium Designer, SOLIDWORKS, and Altium MCAD CoDesigner saved valuable time, giving the team more opportunities to iterate and test their design