Design with Confidence:
Altium 365 meets SiliconExpert
Watch the recording and learn how SiliconExpert can help you to design with confidence.

SiliconExpert is a globally trusted name in the electronic components industry, providing procurement professionals, designers, and supply chain specialists with the information they need to make informed decisions. In this webinar, we will introduce you to the advantages of SiliconExpert's integration within Altium 365. You'll experience firsthand how this integration can optimize your workflows, navigate supply chain complexities, and make better decisions about electronic components.

Additionally, our guest speakers from SiliconExpert will share their experience and insights how this additional data helps customers.

During this webinar, we cover:
  • Who is SiliconExpert
  • Introduction of the SiliconExpert integration within Altium 365
  • Demonstration of the integration
  • SiliconExpert's Experiences and Insight