On-Demand Webinar
Data Security and Access Controls for Electronics Development Teams
Using Altium 365 GovCloud on
AWS GovCloud Infrastructure
Watch for a webinar that brings together the expertise of Altium 365 and AWS to introduce the specialized Altium 365 GovCloud within the robust AWS GovCloud Infrastructure. This session is designed for IT and security professionals seeking advanced data protection and access control solutions for their electronics development teams.
Speakers & Guests
Dnyanesh Digraskar
Principal HPC Partner Solutions Architect at AWS
Bruno Blasigh
Director of Cloud Security at Altium 365
Ninad Shringarpure
Senior Manager for Cloud Security & Compliance at Altium 365
The webinar extends beyond the GovCloud solution for those interested in exploring the commercial version of Altium 365. Showcasing a customer use case, we will illustrate how Altium 365 can significantly improve productivity, product quality, and security throughout your product development process. Discover how this platform enables team members in various roles, from engineers to project managers, to optimize their workflows and collaborate more efficiently.

Join to learn how to:

Implement robust data security measures tailored for electronics development.
Leverage AWS GovCloud for enhanced data protection and compliance.
Understand how government and defense organizations have successfully used AWS GovCloud to improve their security posture and how you can apply these lessons to your organization's security strategy.
Improve team collaboration with secure access controls.
Move away from traditional on-prem solutions towards a more modern ubiquitous platform for secure collaboration and development workflows with cloud technology.
Understand the unique benefits and features of Altium 365 GovCloud.
Improve team collaboration with secure access controls.

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