On-Demand Webinar
Can Agile Development Work for Hardware?
3 Critical Elements for Success
Watch to explore the benefits of agile methodologies and how they can be translated into the physical world of hardware development!

This session will bring to life agile concepts with a hands-on example of a quad-copter. We’ll examine this project through a series of critical milestones, showcasing agile principles in a practical way.
Speakers & Guests
Dorian Simpson
Chief Evangelist at MAHD Framework
Jeff Geoffroy
Director of Product Marketing at Altium 365
Watch to learn how Altium 365 can support the adoption of this approach by enhancing collaboration and the electronics product development process, uniting diverse stakeholders in real-time. Discover the three key elements for success!

Adapt agile methodologies for hardware projects to foster continuous improvement
Improve cross-discipline collaboration between engineering, manufacturing, procurement, and software development
Optimize your product development process, reducing time-to-market without compromising quality
Transform agile tactics with elements of the Modified Agile for Hardware Framework
Utilize Altium 365 for effortless, real-time information sharing and decision-making
Manage digital requirements effectively for adaptable and traceable project evolution
Leverage rapid prototyping to align teams, facilitate learning, and adapt to changes swiftly
Establish robust customer feedback loops for early concept validation and feature prioritization
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