On-Demand Webinar
Bridge the Information Divide: Altium 365 meets Z2Data
Watch the on-demand webinar and learn how Z2Data can help you build resilience in engineering, compliance, and procurement through the comprehensive supply chain and component data.
Speakers & Guests
Grace Gladue
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Altium 365
Pavel Polischuk
Product Manager at Altium 365
Arjun Peruvemba
Product Marketing Specialist at Z2Data
Brandon Nader
Sr. Director of Marketing at Z2Data
The founders of Z2Data bring over 20 years of knowledge and expertise, a data-centric approach, and a unique customer-first philosophy to the industry. They thrive at bringing depth, connectivity, and transparency into the technology industry supply chain arena. Exposing supply chain vulnerabilities, enabling rapid strategic action and long-term planning for intelligent supply chain risk mitigation and management.

This webinar gives you a sneak peek into the Altium 365 and Z2Data integration and introduce you to the advantages of the integration. You will get an idea of how this integration can optimize your workflows, navigate supply chain complexities, and help you make better decisions about electronic components.

Additionally, our speakers from Z2Data and Altium 365 share their experiences and insights on how this additional data helps customers.

During this webinar, we will cover:

Altium 365 Overview
Who is Z2Data
Introduction of the Z2Data integration within Altium 365
Z2Data's Experiences and Insights
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