On-Demand Webinar
Apply Modern Requirements and Systems Engineering for Faster Product Development
Explore the future of electronics product development, focusing on Altium’s recent acquisition of Valispace. Understand how Valispace transforms requirements management and systems engineering, fostering enhanced collaboration, speeding up design processes, and leading to better products. This session also discusses Altium's plans for a more comprehensive integration of Valispace within the Altium 365 ecosystem.
Speakers & Guests
Marco Witzmann
CEO & Co-Founder, Valispace
Paul Grey
Customer Success Engineer, Valispace
Florian Reger
Head of Solutions, Valispace
Jeff Geoffroy
Director of Product Marketing, Altium 365
In this session:

Make accurate design trade-offs to build the product you intended.
Build the bridge between conceptual planning and detailed systems design.
Smoothly integrate systems engineering and requirements management into your workflow.
Ensure your designs meet industry standards and compliance requirements with automated checks.
Enhance decision-making with access to real-time data and analytics.
Achieve faster iterations by connecting requirements directly to design data.
Proactively tackle design issues to speed up your path to launch.
Foster innovation by allowing more focus on design and less on managing complexities.
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