On-Demand Webinar
Iterate Faster in Complex Engineering Projects
For engineering companies that build world-changing machines, the need to bring them to market quickly is often existential.

Learn how Valispace is transforming the world of requirements and systems engineering, enabling teams to do super fast design iterations and develop quality products while ensuring they comply with standards and regulations.

In this session, we also touch on the Valispace acquisition by Altium, its integration into the Altium 365 ecosystem, and what this means for electrical engineering teams.
Speakers & Guests
Marco Witzmann
CEO & Co-Founder, Valispace
Louise Lindblad
CPO & Co-Founder, Valispace
Florian Reger
Head of Solutions, Valispace
Watch the webinar to:

Achieve faster iterations by connecting requirements directly to design data.
Quickly make accurate design trade-offs to build the product you intended.
Proactively tackle design issues to speed up your path to launch.
Use AI to eliminate many mundane and time-consuming tasks in requirements management.
Employ continuous verification and validation to accelerate the product development lifecycle.
Build the bridge between conceptual planning and detailed systems design.
Ensure your designs meet industry standards and compliance requirements with automated checks.
Speed up decision-making with access to real-time data and analytics.
Foster innovation by allowing more focus on design and less on managing complexities.
Valispace overview
  • Valispace is now a part of Altium
  • Why fast iterations are essential for modern engineering
  • How to fail better
  • Valispace demo
  • Q&A session
Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your product development process with Valispace and Altium 365.
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