On-Demand Webinar
Bridge the Gap Between Engineering and Procurement:
Altium 365 BOM Portal
Watch this webinar and learn how to make informed parts decisions and mitigate supply chain risks with Altium 365 BOM Portal!
Speakers & Guests
David Haboud
Technical Marketing
Engineer at Altium 365 (US Host)
Martin Malenica
Field Applications Engineer at Altium
Watch Altium 365 BOM Portal in action and discover why early procurement involvement in the engineering process is crucial for avoiding costly design changes later on. Get a firsthand look at how this tool can help you improve your time to market and manage supply chain risks.

In this session, learn how to:

Use enriched part and supply chain insights to accelerate time to market without sacrificing quality and performance
Access dependable and thorough part data sourced from industry leaders
Stay ahead of potential disruptions with supply chain tracking
Manage and control your BOMs, keeping them organized, safely collaborating with stakeholders, and tracking revisions
Enhance part management with reusability and traceability features
Foster efficient BOM synchronization with a centralized component library
Ensure alignment between designers and procurement teams, avoiding back-and-forth iterations
Utilize the Used Parts Report for manufacturability analysis on production boards
  • What is Altium 365
  • Challenges of managing BOMs
  • Introduction of Altium 365 BOM Portal
  • Demonstration of BOM Portal
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