There are many risks if your library and component data are not managed efficiently and effectively. Inefficiency occurs when multiple users define and create components in their own way or style, which can also lead to redundant component definitions being used across multiple libraries. This in turn, when no standardized template is used, can lead to inaccurate and incomplete component data and a lack of visibility into component status.

Altium Concord Pro is a state-of-the-art on-premise library and component management product that you’ll want to incorporate into your workflow to minimize those risks, and ultimately reduce costs.

Join us for our live demo to explore the following topics:

  • Dedicated Access to a single Source of Truth for all Library and Component Data
  • Make informed Component Usage Decisions
  • Component Consistency, Traceability, Cost and Availability
  • Component Validation to Ensure Manufacturability
  • Bi-directional design data exchange and commenting with MCAD environments
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Danny Goddard
Field Applications Engineer

Danny Goddard is a Field Applications Engineer with 23 years experience as an electronics design engineer and PCB designer. 14 of those years have been spent using Altium Designer. With lots of experience and hundreds of PCB designs, Danny has had a reputation for being the "go-to" guy for everything Altium Designer related. Danny received his BASEET degree from ITT Technical Institute in 1996 and has worked on commercial and industrial designs for capital equipment manufacturers as well as for engineering design firms. Danny began his career at Altium in May 2007 as an Application Engineer, went on hiatus to concentrate on his PCB and design services from 2013-2018 and returned to the role of Field Application Engineer in May 2018.


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July 25, 2019
10:00 AM


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Danny Goddard
Field Applications Engineer

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