Altium Designer 18

Catch a glimpse of the new features in the next release and see how Altium Designer is helping you to address new design challenges
AD18 64-Bit Architecture & Automation - Sneak Preview:ADSCvid

64-Bit High Performance

Tired of waiting for large designs to load, switching between 2D and 3D views, or analyzing nets? Altium Designer 18 loads fast, can access practically unlimited memory, and includes multi-threading and code optimizations to bring your design experience to a whole new level.

AD18 Multiboard Design - Sneak Preview:ADSCvid

Multi-Board Editing

Say goodbye to frustration with board-to-board pinout errors, wrong connector mating, and component clearance interferences. With Multi-Board Assemblies in Altium Designer 18 you can mate PCBs and connectors, synchronize pin-swaps, and move components for right-first-time system design.

AD18 ActiveRoute - Sneak Preview:ADSCvid

ActiveRoute® Enhancements

Doing DDR, USB 3, PCIe, and other high-speed topologies shouldn’t hold you back. The ActiveRoute user-guided routing automation in Altium Designer 18 has been updated to include high-speed capabilities like automatic length and phase tuning, according to design rules.
AD18 Properties Panel - Sneak Preview:ADSCvid

New UI - Properties Panel

Too many dialogs and disparate ways of accessing design object attributes lead to inevitable irritation. But the new Properties Panel unifies object parameters into a single, intelligent, intuitive panel. With selection filters, document and snap options, shortcuts and object properties all within instant reach for editing.

AD18 Layer and Colors - Sneak Preview:ADSCvid

New UI - Layers and Colors Panel

The speed with which you can show or hide layers, objects, and switch views while designing a PCB can make or break your project deadline. The new Layers and Colors panel brings a new level of efficiency and increased ease of use, giving you complete power over 2D and 3D objects and layer visibility in one place.

AD18 Global Search  - Sneak Preview:ADSCvid

New UI - Global Search

Other complex CAD tools may have power, but usually that power comes with an impossibly large array of toolbars, icons, and menus. With Altium Designer 18 you can rapidly find any applicable workspace or editor command, or even nets or component objects, with the new Global Search bar.

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